BACH – A story about friendship. A continuous song…

Our story…

… started when we were teenagers. We learned from our friendship the trust, the joy of sharing our feelings, and the strength to find our way in life. Friendship leads to choices that define us individually but also together. Having a sense of belonging gives you a strength to look at life with confidence, optimism and satisfaction. It is a rare thing and we look at it as a gift.


Our mission

Through the design we offer we want to celebrate femininity, the strength of an independent woman, confident in her strength, passionate about elegance and refinement.

We are equally determined to get involved in social actions. Part of our profits will go to children in orphanages and the elderly in care and care institutions.

We want to create collections that combine classic outfit elements with modern elements. Our choice is for those outfits that highlight the lines of the female body, alternating the options of a pattern that you could have seen in the ’50s,’ 60s of the last century with the boldness of a bold cut, vibrant color combinations or a zipper where you -You’d expect less. Our efforts to surprise you will be permanent.


Where do we start?

We will start our adventure on this site. We enjoy the experience of long-term relationships with local designers and together with them we will try to reach some physical locations.


You’re welcome!